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The Podcast

Americans in Germany Drinking Whiskey is a podcast for expats, by expats. Alex and Geoff discuss the various aspects of their lives living as foreigners in Europe, with the ultimate goal of providing an equal amount of advice, insight, and entertainment. 

The hosts of AGDW met in Berlin many years after each moved separately to Germany. This new friendship helped them to realize their shared passion for giving advice to prospective expats and newly arrived expats and hence, the podcast was born.


Each episode focuses on a different aspect of German and European life, culture and people - all from an outsiders point of view. They use their combined 15 years experience living in Berlin and their unique chemistry to not only give advice, but due so in a fun and casual way. However, this is not your average “living abroad” podcast. It has been infused with another international element - whiskey. During the introduction to each episode they open a new bottle of whiskey, which is then “tested” throughout the episode. The show is then wrapped up with a review of that week’s bottle and a score given by each host. This is what led to the very practical title of, “Americans in Germany Drinking Whiskey.”

Topics Include:

• Myths about Germany

• Learning a new language

• Cultural differences between Germany & USA

• The difficulties of being an expat

• European Scams

• Food

• And more!

The Hosts



A kindergarten teacher that grew up in the little state of Rhode Island, USA. A few months after graduating college, Alex had a conversation with a friend living in Berlin. After a bit of convincing, he booked a one way ticket to Berlin, having never been to Europe in his whole life. Once there, he found a job, took some German classes and decided to stay for the long term.



A filmmaker and voice over artist that grew up in California, USA. After graduating high school he went on several backpacking tours through Europe and eventually decided to move to Vienna, Austria to learn the German language for a few months. This eventually put him on the path towards Berlin and those few months turned into many, many years. 

Our Audience

AGDW listeners come from over 80 countries around the globe and range from expats already living abroad, those preparing to move abroad, to those who are simply fascinated by other cultures. Listeners who are already living abroad, in Germany or elsewhere, enjoy the podcast for advice on integration and also because it provides them comfort in knowing they are not alone in their situation. Those wishing to move abroad or are in the process of moving abroad, enjoy the podcast for the aid it brings in preparation and also to learn more about their soon-to-be new home. 

Top Global Markets

USA (47%), Germany (40%), UK, Canada, Russia &


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Top U.S. Markets

California, Texas, New York, Illinois, Michigan, Washington, Oregon, Ohio, Virginia, Rhode Island


Monthly Downloads

7,000 +

Total Downloads

90,000 +


Reaction from listeners to the AGDW podcast has been overwhelmingly positive. Every week Geoff and Alex receive personal message from fans through their various social media platforms praising the show and thanking them for assisting them with helpful information. 


4.9 out of 5 Stars

From 128 Ratings & Reviews

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AGDW Included in Top Podcast List:


"10 podcasts you should be listening to if you are an expat in Germany"


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Sample Reviews from Apple Podcasts:


“Great show guys! You guys have a great flow and well chosen topics... and Whisky.“

“I love your podcast and I’m so glad that I found it coincidentally. Your perspectives and experiences are very interesting to hear about and your conversations are always so entertaining and funny…Not to mention the highlight of you’re podcast...Drinking whiskey.”

““I stopped counting the number of times I found myself smiling while listening to this podcast. While I was walking outside. In Munich. In front of lots of people. And, boy did I get some looks! But, I can’t help it. As an expat, living in Germany, your podcast entertains me, educates me and, yes, it make me smile. In public. For no apparent reason. And, I’m totally good with that.”

"I’ve been faithfully listening to these guys since the end of last summer and it feels like I have friends in Germany who are telling me all about the things I have to look forward to when I move there. They talk about so many great resources for people who are trying to move abroad and also about so many interesting topics that give you an inside look to the country and it’s culture. Their podcast feels like you’re sitting with a good group of friends with a drink in your hand while they laugh and joke about their experiences and give you meaningful advice. They certainly listen to their listeners and do their very best to make their podcast interesting and relevant to what people want to know. Thank you guys, for all your hard work! You’ve played a huge part in building my motivation and excitement to move to Berlin!"

“I‘m going to Germany for grad school in a few months, so I‘ve been binging through some episodes on my recent roadt rips. These guys have great chemistry and a great perspective on life in Germany! The whiskey reviews were also greatly appreciated by my friend and made it enjoyable for her even though she has no connection to Germany.”


“You guys rock! I love to here more about your expat life and your life in our beautiful country. It is interesting and an eye opener to me to hear your sight of our culture and the awkward things we do here in Germany.”


“Really enjoy the podcast I feel like I’m friends with you guys! I’m hoping to move to Germany in about 2 years I currently live in TX. I’ve learned a lot through your podcast and it’s also been a joy to listen along the way. Keep doing what y’all do!”

“This podcast is really interesting, funny and gives you lot of information about living in Germany as Americans. I really enjoy listening to them and they always give me lot of giggles, but also tell me interesting topics to listen to.”

“Whether you’ve been to Germany or plan to in the future, this is a great way to feel transported into the daily Berliner life with a couple friendly guys. They provide something authentic that you won’t get in any tourism brochure. Keep up the great work.”


Notable Interviews on other Podcasts
The hosts of Americans in Germany Drinking Whiskey have been interviewed as guests on the following podcasts:

Understanding Train Station Podcast

The Lost Geographer Podcast

The Germany Experience Podcast

The Get Up & Get Up Podcast

The Moving Roadmap Podcast

Eric on the World Podcast

Hier and There Podcast

Notable Guests
The following people have been featured on the AGDW podcast as guests:

• Cari Schmid - Co-founder/CEO of Easy Languages & host/producer of the "Easy German"
                      YouTube channel (1.14 million subscribers)

• Felicia - Host of the popular YouTube channel "Feli From Germany", (314,000 subscribers)

• Bastian Heuser - Co-founder of the Spreewood Whiskey Distillery

• Shaun Behrens - Host of the Germany Experience Podcast

• Mari Tischner - Host of the YouTube channel "Adventures of La Mari"


Each month the amount of subscribers and listeners to the podcast increases at a roughly 10% rate. Any potential sponsor of the show would have access to thousands of listeners from around the world.

€ 275 - Per Month

(Includes 4 episodes)

Sponsor Receives:

• 30 - 45 sec. "mid-roll" advertisement spoken by the hosts immediately after each episode's introduction


• Your logo incorporated in the footer of the AGDW website (includes link to your page)


• A brief article about your company in the "news" section of the AGDW website, including any requested links 

The AGDW podcast is a passion project by the co-hosts and they invest a great deal of their time and energy into making quality episodes for their listeners. While the podcast is a non-profit enterprise, it does have ongoing costs such as: podcast hosting, website hosting, graphic design, audio recording equipment/accessories, and of course the cost of the whiskey itself. Your sponsorship enables the podcast to keep producing quality content and at the same time, increase the exposure of your business. 

Contact & Social Media

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